2 Stroke Motor Oil - 2 Cycle Motor Oils

Unlike four-cycle engines which use a closed crankcase, the 2 stroke / 2 cycle lightweight engine use an open crankcase, this being used as part of the induction tract. As the crankcase can therefore not be used to contain the necessary lubricating oil. Oil must be mixed with petrol to be used throughout the engine in high enough quantities to ensure lubrication and yet also not being high enough to cause issues with combustion.
The base oils used can be either petroleum, vegetable, semi-synthetic or synthetic oil and the mix ratio with the petrol/gasoline ranging from 16:1 to as low as 100:1.

With such low ratios being used, it becomes vitally important to use the right oil for the job, this varying according to the type of 2 cycle engine and the loads and conditions that it will be used in.

Another issue that must be considered when comparing regular lubricating oil with two stroke oil, is that 2 stroke oil must produce a much lower ash content. If this is not done the deposits formed by the act of combustion will build up in the engine, causing fouled plugs, lack of efficiency and eventually damage to the engine itself.

Choosing the Best 2 Stoke Oil

Throughout exol's history, product development has been of the up most importance, our technical teams producing the very best 2 stroke synthetic and semi synthetic motors oils, in short exol is and always has been at the forefront of lubrication technology.

Our comprehensive range of products have evolved through anticipating and exceeding the needs of the our customers be they in the automotive, commercial, industrial or agricultural markets.

Different Types of 2 Stoke Motor Oils (synthetic / semi synthetic)

Along with exol Lubricants reputation for high quality products, flexible service, and fast delivery our outstanding technical support teams are there to help you choose the right oils to use for every application, and if by chance you should have use for which no suitable oil is available, then our specialist team can develop one (subject to quantities of course).

Manufacturing and supplying synthetic and semi synthetic oil products from our two sites in Birmingham and Rotherham. Research and development are based at our headquarters in the Midlands, close to the heart of the UK motorway network.

exol’s continuing commitment to producing high quality oils for all different applications means you get maximum performance and quality guaranteed!

Different Applications for Two Stroke - 2 Cycle Engines

  • Lawn and garden equipment (chainsaws, leaf blowers, strimmers & trimmers)
  • Dirt & MotoCross bikes
  • Mopeds
  • Jet skis
  • Small outboard motors
  • Radio-controlled model planes