Darren Leeper flying flag for Exol Marine

Please see below a report from Darren Leeper, Jet-Ski Racer.

“This season has been great and, after a lot of issues with the new ski, we finally showed what we could do!

This year has been testing after blowing the engine on my waveblaster gp sports boat at round two and struggling to get new parts from the states. I have therefore concentrated on the naturally aspirated class.

And, due to a bad sprain to my ankle, we had to miss two rounds of riding. My new ski, the gp1200 r, is my world record speed ski and we have been using it for closed course racing so have learned a lot for next year.

The first week in November will be Records week at Lake Coniston and I will be trying to beat my world record of 74.4 mph over a measured two kilometres.

I would like to thank Exol Lubricants for their continued support this year.”