Fluid Check

Providing fluid analysis & diagnostic services for:

Power Generation & Distribution, Road & Rail Transport, Construction, Mining, Industrial and Marine

What Is Fluid Check:

Fluid Check analysis is Exol Lubricants market leading complete fluid analysis programme for monitoring all types of fluid lubricated and insulating oil systems.

In all cases your machinery represents a significant investment by your company and it is so critical it remains operational at all times. Failure of your machinery can result in loss of operation, with associated costs running at times into thousands of pounds an hour.

Imagine if your business was suddenly unable to provide its services or product, consider the damage it could do to your business and your customers’ confidence in you to deliver on time or even at all…it must not happen - if it can be avoided!

Our aim is to help you succeed in making the most of your vehicles and machinery through reducing unplanned downtime, extending oil drains and detecting potential future failure…before they happen!

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