Power Generation

Every single industry requires power to operate.

You may have a backup diesel generator, but this too needs to be in good condition so it works when it matters most. Power-stations, gas engine and wind farm operators cannot afford to stop generating power – it is simply not an option. Exol's Fluid Check analysis programme monitors engines, gearboxes, turbines, transformers and any lubricated systems.

How Fluid Check can help:

  • Reduce downtime by identifying contamination and faults early…allowing for planned maintenance to correct any identified faults at a time convenient to you
  • Extend oil drain intervals – reducing lubricant costs & waste production
  • Confirmation engine oil meets its new oil specification
  • Independent analysis in warranty cases to identify the root cause of the equipment failure
  • Identify oil properties such as water shedding potential, foaming tendency, rusting prevention characteristics, varnish potential and remaining lubricant life to help you maximise your oil life and save money
Power Gen

Types of Analysis:

Lubricated systems: Detecting contamination, confirming suitability of the lubricant, monitoring wear metals and identify root causes of problems before they lead to a failure. Systems monitored include engine, hydraulics, turbines (gas, steam & wind), and greased bearings.

Fuel Systems: Test Diesel to full road diesel and off-road mobile machinery specifications with various custom test suites. Identify petrol, water, microbes and contaminated on site diesel bulk storage tanks.



Coolant Systems: Anti-freeze, in addition to preventing freezing, has an important role of cooling the engine and protecting it from corrosion. If your engine oil is not lasting as long as it should, or your engine is running hot, the coolant condition may be a good place to start.