Bulk Delivery

Exol’s fleet of vehicles comprises a mix of dual-purpose vehicles and large tanker trucks to enable us to deliver bulk orders ranging from 500 litres to 32,000 litres on one vehicle.

Ridged Truck 2019
Ridged Truck dimensions
 Length: 36’,
 Width: 8’6” - requires a minimum of 12’ clearance
 Height: 12’6”
Tanker Truck
 Tanker Truck dimensions
 Length: 68’,
 Width: 8’6” - requires a minimum of 12’ clearance
 Height: 12’6”

Do you have access for your bulk oil delivery service?

Please use our handy guides to determine if our vehicle can gain full access to your site and oil storage tanks.


  1. Can the vehicle gain safe access?
  2. Range: can we gain access to within 50ft of the storage facility (tanks)?

Checks & Supervision

Will the tank take the ordered volume?

It is essential that a site supervisor is present at all times during the delivery of the oil to ensure that all procedures are met and the oil is delivered safely to tank.

For further information please contact us:

Email: Info@exol-lubricants.com | Tel: +44 (0) 121 568 6800