What Is Condition Based Monitoring (CBM)

Fluid Check Analysis achieves its aim to improve customers’ productivity and equipment reliability by a simple principle of condition based monitoring. (CBM)

Imagine an oil sample for an engine was taken every month for a year and 3 elements were measured as shown in the graph. In April there is an increase in certain elements, namely Silicon (from environmental dirt), aluminium (from piston wear) and Iron (from Liner wear) caused by dirt ingress into the system and detected by oil analysis.

Owing to the associated wear metals being attributed to upper cylinder (U/C) wear the most likely source of the dirt ingress would be through the air intake system, hence one of our expert diagnosticians has recommended the client checks the air induction system for the source of dirt ingress.

This enabled the customer to identify an air filter problem existed before an engine failure and the values returned to normal levels over the coming months. Hence the ultimate failure was avoided, there was no unplanned maintenance and the engine life has been extended.

Work can be done when the oil analysis identifies the problem, not merely because the engine was due for its pre-scheduled maintenance slot, which might have been weeks away.

Cbm Chart