Exol announces improvements to streamline its Wednesbury operations

Exol has announced a series of improvements at its Wednesbury-based production facility, aimed at streamlining its site operations and enhancing its business offering to customers.

New racking installations and an FLT Blue-Spot Safety feature have been introduced at its warehouse in Wednesbury, West Midlands, ensuring the highest health and safety requirements for operators, other employees and visitors on site.

Ideal for the storage of bulk goods, Exol’s Push Back Roller racking can provideup to a 75percent increase in storage capacitywhen compared to conventional racking systems. The installation of the racking took 11 days to complete and the result is a 36-lane pallet racking system, feeding from load position to exit position. It adds an additional 300 pallet positions to the Wednesbury site.

Working on a FILO principle, pallets stored are pushed back into the racking by the next loaded pallet, and roll forward to the front when being picked, allowing for a smooth and easy pick and deposit system.

For the company’s fork lift truck fleet, the Blue-Spot light has been introduced as it is known to be often better accepted and more effective compared to acoustic warning devices or conventional flashing beacons. The visual driving path warning device is fitted to the rear of fork lifts, to enhance safety both in trucking aisles as well as intersections between aisles and pedestrian walkways.

Also new for 2018 is an additional 8-head Masterfil filling line due the unprecedented growth of Exol’s small pack operation. The Adelphi Masterfil machine – added due to the success of its sister machine – is specially designed to offer flexibility of filling volumes, handling both low and high viscosity liquids. The machine’s adjustable nozzles enable the fill of products with variable speed filling capacity.

Furthermore, there will be new LED lighting across the site, floor covering in the small-pack area, roller racking installation for packaging and a new air compressor. The site will also benefit from another new strong-arm filling machine for anti-freeze and the replacement of skylights in the small-pack and blending locations.

Transportation efficiency is also set to be boosted with the addition of four new Scania vehicles for Exol’s award-winning fleet.