Exol ‘family’ rallies round

Everyone at Exol Lubricants would like to thank all public sector, NHS and emergency workers for their amazing efforts during the coronavirus pandemic. Members of the Exol team, across the UK, joined in the “clap for carers” huge round of applause to show their appreciation for all those working in the NHS.

At this very uncertain time, the Exol family has come together and are making amazing contributions to their local communities and assisting family members.

From caring for elderly relatives to doing shopping and essential chores for the vulnerable in our community, the Exol family comes together like no other and offers its support wherever needed and to each other. Children of Exol employees have also played their part, producing drawings to help brighten up the days of loved ones that unfortunately we cannot currently reach, or supporting fellow businesses whose staff are self-isolating.

The coronavirus pandemic has touched everyone’s lives and altered our way of life. In the fullness of time, this shall pass and thanks to the hard work, dedication and smiles of everyone within the Exol family, we shall emerge stronger and more united than ever before.

Exol Lubricants is working at normal levels and our warehouses continue to supply all our products to customers around the globe. It is very much ‘business as usual’ for Exol and all orders are being processed and distributed as normal.

Team Exol