Exol increases vehicle delivery fleet

Exol Lubricants, the UK’s largest lubricants blender, has increased its fleet of delivery vehicles to 18, boasting enhanced coverage throughout the UK and an even greater delivery service to its growing customer base.

The company has recently acquired an additional Scania truck capable of transporting a new 36,000litre capacity tanker, the largest in the Exol fleet. The truck is also specially fitted with pumping and metering equipment.

Exol’s fleet of vehicles features a mix of dual-purpose vehicles and large tanker trucks to transport both bulk and packaged Exol products to customers across a variety of sectors including agricultural, automotive, industrial, marine and rail.

The company’sdual-purpose vehicles also operate pumps and meters as well as tail lifts to assist customers further with pallet deliveries.

Exol Lubricants owns and manages its fleet of vehicles, all of which are operated by fully trained Exol employees. Furthermore, each vehicle in the fleet will be branded with Exol’s distinctive company logo.

Steve Dunn, Exol sales director, said: “As our business grows, so to must our infrastructure and the acquisition of new vehicles is just another example – in addition to product, production and customer service – of where we are investing in our business to support customers more effectively than ever before.

“It is also exciting to see the Exol brand imagery featured across the fleet and this is part of a wider strategy to increase the awareness of the brand throughout the UK and abroad.