Exol launch Micron GHS range for slick industrial applications

Exol Lubricants, the UK’s largest independent manufacturer and supplier of lubricant products has launched a new range of oils that have been designed to satisfy the lubrication needs of machine tools and general factory machinery.

The Micron GHS grades range features ashless, multi-functional oils that have outstanding demulsifying properties – making them perfect for use as slideway oils when used in conjunction with water-based metalworking coolants.

The oil products in Exol’s Micron GHS grades range also feature excellent anti-wear, extreme pressure, lubricity and rust protection qualities along with a high level of oxidation resistance. This makes them perfect for both gear and hydraulic applications, bringing product rationalisation and stock inventory benefits to users.

Steve Dunn, Exol Lubricant’s Sales Director, said: “The Micron GHS range offers fantastic performance in hydraulic, industrial gear and bearing applications. All of the grades have been extensively tested to ensure they meet the DIN 51524-2 (HLP) & DIN 51517-3 (CLP) specifications.”

The Micron GHS range is available in bulk road tanker deliveries, 205 litre barrels and 25 litre drums.

To learn more about Exol Lubricants’ Micron GHS grades range or to receive more detailed information about the typical test properties, visit www.exol-lubricants.com