Exol’s Lube Shuttle aims to solve common problems

Exol Lubricants has unveiled ‘Lube Shuttle’ a patented system of 400gram cartridges designed to allow complete use of lubricating grease without leaking onto equipment, tools and clothing.

The new system offers the most advanced technology for easy, quick and absolutely clean manual lubrication.

The Lube Shuttle’s screw-top cartridges keep reloads fast and simple, while the screw top fitting ensures absolutely clean handling.

Due to its design, Lube Shuttle leaves only a minimum residue of grease after use, which optimises the recycling of the cartridges and contributes to protecting the environment. Additionally, the type of grease in the shuttle is easy to identify and the implementation of a new cartridge is simplified.

To change the cartridge on a standard grease gun is a messy and time consuming process.In addition, there is always some residual grease in the cartridge, which is wasted.

Exol Lubricants will offer 3 products in Lube Shuttle.

  • Lithium Complex HV 2: Multi-purpose extreme pressure high temperature lithium complex grease
  • Lithium Complex: Lithium Complex is a premium quality, multi-purpose longlife grease
  • Libra EP 2: Premium quality, multi-purpose lithium soap grease.