Exol visits ExxonMobil’s Rotterdam refinery for insightful tour

Exol Lubricants recently visited ExxonMobil’s renowned refinery in Rotterdam for a tour of the state-of-the-art chemical manufacturing facility, to gain insights into processes and technologies and a chance to network with the ExxonMobil team.

Exol’s Group Technical Director, Paul Timmis and Technical and Quality Manager, Peter Knox, attended the tour, as part of the company’s commitment to collaborating and working closely with its partners.

During the visit, ExxonMobil offered detailed presentations on its production of Group II base stocks and their pivotal role in new generation formulations. Exol also had the opportunity to gain invaluable insights into the advanced processes and technologies employed at the plant, highlighting ExxonMobil’s dedication to quality and innovation.

The team also enjoyed a bus tour of ExxonMobil’s base oil unit, offering a first-hand look at their modern facilities, where the team participated in a tour of the control centre and an in-depth look into the laboratory facilities.

Timmis commented: “We’d like to extend our special thanks to Chris Braggs (Basestocks Sales Manager, EAME), Fernanda Tanneau (Basestocks Account Manager), and Willem Smets (Basestocks Technical Support) for their informative presentations and warm hospitality throughout the trip.”

He adds: “It was a fantastic opportunity to visit ExxonMobil’s refinery in Rotterdam to learn more about the state-of-the-art base oil production techniques they employ to ensure customers receive the very best when it comes to our products. It was great to see the stringent processes involved and it also helped to strengthen our partnership with ExxonMobil and to expand our technical expertise.”