Fluid Check update improves user experience

Exol Lubricants has carried out a range of beneficial updates to its fluid analysis service, Fluid Check, after receiving fantastic feedback from customers currently using the online programme.

The speed of the service has been notably improved, while a wide range of graphical updates have also been added to the programme.

Fluid Check provides effective fluid analysis management to help customers make the most of their oil condition monitoring programme while eliminating the risk of machines / applications failing prematurely as contaminant and wear issues can be quickly identified. In its first year alone, Fluid Check assisted customers with more than 250 reports, underlining its role as a business tool.

Operators simply draw a sample of fluid from their machine, register the sample online or using the included form, and then send it to the lab for comprehensive testing. The results are then posted to a secure web-based portal that operators can access to download the test data. If the fluid needs to be changed, the data will tell the operator and they can schedule maintenance before a failure occurs.

With 24/7 availability, users can view sample data and download reports, download important documents for customers to view, pre-register sampling information removing the need for sample submission forms, download KPI reports, schedule sampling frequencies and also compare data trends.

Steve Dunn, Exol Lubricant’s Sales Director, said: “Updates to the Fluid Check programme reflect our determination to constantly develop our services, ensuring customers have access to an array of advanced support. Customers can look forward to further enhancements across of wide range of Exol services in the coming weeks and months.”

Each customer using Exol’s ‘Fluid Check’ service is given a special pack that contains all of the equipment that is required to draw off fluid samples safely and cleanly. Visit www.exol-lubricants.com for further details or to arrange site or web-based training.