Maktec Marine becomes Exol distributor

Maktec Marine has become an official distributor of Exol’s high quality approved lubricants.

Based in the UK with agents globally Maktec Marine are known as senior consultants, supervisors and managers of large international marine and industrial machinery projects, able to quickly identify a company’s requirements and now able to supply and test any specification of oil for all types of application.

Maktec has accumulated a wealth of experience in the maritime and power generation industries, delivering and promoting innovative cost-effective solutions for more than 20 years and its fully authorised dealership of Exol oils is another example of the company’s business growth.

After been involved in case studies and carrying out extensive research, Maktec has found that the majority of failures are oil related such as oil starvation, fuel dilution or incorrect filtration.

As a result, it has embraced Exol’s Fluid Check service, the market-leading complete fluid analysis programme for monitoring all types of fluid lubricated and insulating oil systems.

Vessel owners and operators must ensure their vessels remain on schedule, efficient and meet legal requirements. Maktec will promote Fluid Check, encouraging customers that samples sent will have a report within 48hrs of receipt, ensuring the product meets the approved specification and is working as it should or if fault identified process offered to reduce risk to the machinery.

This programme will help Maktec customers to reduce unplanned downtime and unnecessary oil changes, identify excessive fuelling and contamination, extend oil drain intervals, and detect future failures before they happen.

Mark Cornforth, technical director of Maktec Marine, said:

“At Maktec we take a holistic approach to machinery solutions. Instead of offering a quick fix, we discover the needs of a customer and anticipate how that equipment will evolve over time. The result is a lasting and cost-effective solution. We accomplish this through our commitment to advanced planning, extensive system/data analysis and offering innovative ideas and technology.

“Maktec was looking for a premium brand to support our customers and offer a quality product at reasonable cost. Exol was chosen as it is an established expert in this field and has a name in excellence that we felt follows our professional standards and business strategy.

“We are excited about becoming an authorised distributor and being a technical advisor to Exol. We feel our joint expertise provides the marine industry with alternatives that have never been seen before.”

Steve Dunn, Exol Lubricant’s Sales Director, said: “We’re delighted to have Maktec Marine on board and believe that we can work extremely well together, using our specialist experience and services to support our customers worldwide.”