Mercedes Benz approval for Exol Lubricants

Exol Lubricants has announced that its Optima C5 LSOV 0W-20 (M520) has received approval from Mercedes Benz to its 229.72 specification.

This is the latest in Exol’s vehicle manufacturer approvals, as the company continues to meet the needs of the market, offering OE-matching quality products.

Exol’s Optima C5 LSOV 0W-20 is a new generation fully synthetic, low SAPS, fuel economy engine oil designed for use in a variety of modern petrol and diesel engine applications.

It provides Low Speed Pre-Ignition (LSPI) protection and delivers significant levels of fuel economy in the latest OEM tests, plus excellent engine protection and consistent lubricant performance over extended drain intervals.

Optima C5 LSOV 0W-20 is an ideal choice in hot running engines where its prevention of deposits keeps turbochargers in optimum condition and its carefully controlled SAPS levels protect after-treatment systems including petrol particulate filters.

Optima C5 LSOV 0W-20 (M520) is available in 20 litre or 25 litre drums, 205L barrels, 1000L IBC’s and bulk tanker deliveries.

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