New engine oil offers heavy duty protection

Exol Lubricants, the UK’s largest lubricants blender, has launched a new Taurus SHPD E7 15W-40 heavy duty diesel engine oil, formulated to meet the severe lubrication requirements demanded by commercial vehicles.

The use of poor quality oils can have serious repercussions for a vehicle operator such as reduced engine efficiency, oil starvation and potential engine failure.

Exol’s Taurus SHPD E7 15W-40 is a high performance heavy duty diesel engine featuring a blend of solvent refined base oils, viscosity index improvers, pour point depressants and one of the most innovative additive systems to be developed in the last few years. It is approved by Volvo, Renault and Mack.

Meeting API CI-4/SL and the latest ACEA E7 sequences, the new engine oil exceeds the requirements of Euro 4 and certain Euro 5 engines and works on trucks and buses used for inter-city or long haul operation, as well as off-highway applications where piston cleanliness, oxidation resistance and wear protection are equally valued.

Exol Taurus SHPD E7 15W-40 not only protects the engine crankcase, but also helps to ensure less turbocharger deposit build up than standard ACEA E7 products.

The new engine oil also provides good sludge and soot control, leading to reduced engine wear and increased efficiency levels. Following extensive research and development, Exol reports a typical 58 percent improvement in soot strip test compared with conventional E7 chemistry.

As the largest independent lubricant company in the UK, Exol’s commercial vehicle lubricants satisfy the needs of modern trucks and buses as well as older models. The exhaustive range features low SAPS, fully synthetic engine oils, long drain semi synthetics and traditional mineral oil grades as well as sophisticated automatic transmission fluids, manual gear oils and ancillary products.