Products | AUTOTRANS ELC (A045)


Autotrans ELC is a premium quality, ZF & Voith approved, multi-vehicle automatic transmission fluid developed for use in a wide range of commercial vehicle and passenger car applications.

Autotrans ELC is formulated using the highest quality fully synthetic base stocks together with advanced additive technology to provide the maximum level of component durability over extended periods. It protects modern transmissions better than more traditional fluids while also offering premium performance in older vehicles.

Autotrans ELC has many diverse applications but was developed originally to provide premium protection to ZF Ecolife gearboxes used in buses. Autotrans ELC is an ideal choice where the ZF TE-ML 20C specification is recommended for use over extended drain intervals.


ZF TE-ML 04D, 05L, 09, 11A, 11B, 14B, 14C, 16L, 16M, 16S, 20C, 20F, 21L, 25C VOITH H55.6336

This product is available in the following quantities:

  • 1 ltr
  • 20 ltrs
  • 25 ltrs
  • 205 ltrs
  • IBC
  • Part Tanker
  • Full Tanker