UK’s power generators given boost by Exol

Exol Lubricants’ expanded power generation division is meeting the increased energy demand the UK is currently experiencing by ensuring power generators across the UK and Europe achieve maximum output with minimal downtime.

The increase in electrical demand, caused by millions of people staying at home due to social distancing measures used to fight the coronavirus pandemic, is placing additional stresses on the electrical grid for a sustained period of time.

Because of this demand on the generators and ongoing staffing issues, there is an ever increasing reliance on gas engine lubricants to run longer and deliver maximum output.

Through extensive research and development continually being undertaken by Exol in Wednesbury, the company’s gas engine oils have achieved thousands of hours of performance. Inspection of cylinders via borescope has shown low levels of ash and piston / valve deposits. Working closely with OEM’s, Exol’s gas lubricants range has extended its approval profile with recent additions including MAN and Wärtsilä, with ongoing trials coming to fruition later this year.

Exol’s range of gas engine oils (GEO) works in engines run on a variety of fuels including Natural Gas, Biogas, Landfill Gas and Syn gas to name but a few fuel sources.
Exol’s GEO lubricants and technology is currently generating some 529 MW across the UK, Europe and further afield, which is enough to power 1,000,000 homes. There is a further 150 MW (250,000 homes) in STOR capacity (Short Term Operating Reserve), which can be called upon within minutes during peak demand.

Steve Dunn, Exol sales and marketing director, said: “Exol’s power generation division is working around the clock with customers to ensure engines continue to provide the power they need to support the increased demand across the world. Our gas engine oils are specially formulated to deliver extended oil drain intervals and this is making a real difference.

Exol has recently expanded its power generation division, set-up to supply, support and offer training to the growing requirements of the green energy sector.

Targeting sectors including STOR stand by generation, gas engines, gas compression, alternative fuels and wind power, the company has set up a bespoke, sector specific range of lubricants.

Thanks to extensive investment and new technologies, it will ensure Exol is at the forefront of lubricants supply to this sector for years to come.

The power generation division team has more than 100 years lubricants experience in sales, development and engineering, all of which has been acquired from diverse industries.

Working within the UK, Europe, Middle East and Asia, Exol has developed supply links from the smaller operators with small generators to the large power generation with up to 100MW electrical output.