British Consulate acknowledges Exol work in Iraq

Exol Lubricants has been acknowledged by the British Consulate for its work in Iraq.

During a special event arranged by Exol and Awra Company, its official distributor in the Iraqi Kurdistan region, British Consul General, James Thornton, spoke of Exol’s fantastic export work and its supply of quality engine oils into the region’s automotive sector.

Exol’s distributor Awra has successfully grown the Exol brand in the Iraqi Kurdistan region through its modern infrastructure, warehouse facilities, high quality team and customer service.

Its strategy strengthens its leading position in the oil sector and aims to meet the global energy demand within a framework of responsibility.

Awra has made a massive investment in all areas of its business, particularly marketing, to establish Exol as a premium brand. It has also been instrumental in the appointment of service centres, thereby helping other businesses set up in the region.

Exol’s Export manager, Paul Eastwood, who hosted the event with Awra, said: “It was fantastic to see the Exol brand so well received in Iraq and underlines the desire for businesses around the world to work with a high quality product, backed up by extensive customer and technical support. The work Awra Company, their regional distributors and direct customers are doing in Iraq is nothing short of remarkable and we will support their continued growth and development.”

Exol supplies more than 40 countries worldwide and offers regular visits and the same benefits a UK customer experiences including 24hour response times to emails, full technical support and training. Export customers are given peace of mind with the assurance that Exol is extremely easy to deal with globally.