CAT Magazine – The Last Word

The industry needs you! By Steve Dunn, Exol Sales Director and IAAF CV Committee Chairman

“I have been very impressed – and also somewhat taken aback – at the level of engagement and passion for the industry since becoming the IAAF CV Committee Chairman. The same can be said for the wider IAAF council, a voluntary group of senior aftermarket executives that come together regularly to debate industry issues and set IAAF policy.

In an industry that is continuously changing and arguably as competitive as ever, it is often easy to forget that people and companies, often competitors, can come together to look at how the industry can “survive and thrive”, the theme of which is that of the IAAF’s upcoming conference.

There are challenges facing our trade from Brexit to Type Approval and so, at a time when you are busy trying to get on with running your business, the prospect of joining a volunteer organisation within the industry may not be high on your agenda.

The IAAF and CV committee is stronger than it’s ever been, attendance is high at all events and it’s great to see the industry coming together to solve problems.

There are obvious benefits of working together under the IAAF umbrella and as CV Chairman it is my aim is to work with all on the committee and also members to discuss the issues, concerns and opportunities facing their business.

The IAAF is working hard to communicate its activities to members across many platforms and the number of new members joining is rapidly increasing. An upsurge in member participation, as seen in our committee and council meetings, is leading this charge.

The industry needs you and we are indeed stronger together than as individuals. To relate to a recent major sporting event – which has an army of volunteers – there always needs to be people to carry the torch forward into the future.”