Don’t forget the Antifreeze!

With winter set in, it’s important to remember antifreeze, crucial to your vehicle’s performance during the colder months.

Get it wrong, or fail to use it, and you could risk causing serious damage to your car’s radiator and other components as the water freezes, causing cracks and splits as it expands again.

Lowering the freezing point of the vehicle’s engine and cooling system, antifreeze prevents damage during the especially cold months, but also raises the boiling point to avoid overheating.

Antifreeze also protects the engine from chemical and cavitation corrosion, prevents scale build up, and lubricates moving parts.

Not every grade will be suitable for any vehicle, so it’s important to choose correctly. Various types of antifreeze are available, with each using a different type of corrosion inhibitor. Exol has a full set of recommendations for all passenger car and LCV engine manufacturers so drivers can double check the right one for their vehicle.