Exol Announces Latest Oil Specification Upgrade As It Evolves With The Market

Leading lubricants supplier, Exol, has updated the specification of its Optima LSBM 0W-30 (M514) oil as the brand proves its commitment to constantly advancing products to cover the ever-growing vehicle parc.

Optima LSBM 0W-30 is a fully synthetic low ash automotive engine oil which provides fuel economy benefits without compromising engine protection. It is based on high thermal stability base oil and uses a complex combination of high-performance additives which provide excellent engine cleanliness, anti-wear protection and outstanding oxidation resistance.

The oil combines a relatively high total base number for long drain performance with low ash particulate-friendly properties.

Exol’s Optima LSBM 0W-30 is recommended for use in the latest BMW petrol and diesel engine vehicles including those with petrol particulate filters. It is an ideal choice for BMW diesel engines from model year 2014 onwards with no more than 1 turbocharger.

In addition, Optima LSBM 0W-30 is also recommended in applications from numerous manufacturers where a low SAPS, fuel saving engine oil with low-speed pre-ignition prevention credentials is required.

The upgraded oil’s main additions are to cover Ford WSS-M2C950-A, which was previously only on Optima C2 LSF 0W-30, and also a new requirement, MB 227.61, which is a specific natural gas engine specification found in some Mercedes trucks and bus models, including the Econic refuse collection vehicle and Citaro bus.

Exol’s upgraded Optima LSBM 0W-30 means the company can also add two Fiat recommendations, 9.55535-DS1 and 9.55535-GS1 to its growing number of vehicle makes and models the oil covers.