Exol Lubricants sets new standards in engine oil performance

Exol Lubricants’ new Optima C3 LS 0W-30 is the latest in a line of fully synthetic, low SAPS engine oils to set new standards in engine oil performance.

The new generation Optima engine oil boasts outstanding thermal properties, and is developed to provide excellent performance in engine cleanliness and fuel economy benefits.

The low-SAPS additive technology of Optima C3 LS 0W-30 ensures a high level of continuous pollution control, minimising longer-term risk to the environment.

The latest Optima-badged engine oil from the UK’s largest independent lubricants company is fully compatible with emission control after-systems such as diesel particulate filters.

The product is recommended for passenger car applications and light commercial vehicles, meeting the performance demands and requirements of Volkswagen Group specifications 504.00 and 507.00.

More information about the product from the leading lubricants supplier, Exol, can be found here.