Exol’s jet-ski sponsor Darren Leeper ripping the waves at Coniston records week 2017

Every year the Coniston records week is hosted during the first week of November at Lake District national park for powerboat racers from every discipline within the sport. Our jet-ski sponsor Darren Leeper has been working tirelessly to achieve his records. Last year’s Coniston records week saw Leeper establish a new World and National Record at 69.62mph, to which he then surpassed later by achieving 74.39mph in the runabout 1200 modified class category.

This year has tested Leeper as he has faced technical issues and an injury, which resulted in him having to miss a few rounds of riding. However, Leeper was able to put these issues aside and participate in this year’s Coniston’s records week. He maintained good speeds throughout, enabling him to get close to his current record, where he achieved 73mph.

Exol would like to thank Darren and his team and we can’t wait for our continued sponsorship next year. We wish him all the success in 2018.