Exol supports drive for greater transparency in UK lubricants market

Exol Lubricants has underlined its commitment to bringing greater transparency to the lubricants market by joining the independent Verification of Lubricant Specifications (VLS) organisation.

VLS is a subsidiary company of the United Kingdom Lubricants Association (UKLA) – of which Exol is already a member – and is committed to promoting the importance of lubricant quality and performance specifications in the UK. It provides a credible and trusted means of verifying lubricant specifications and has embarked on a drive to raise awareness and educate at both consumer and trade levels.

The remit of VLS also includes responding to complaints about lubricants products by independently investigating and checking compliance to industry standards and performance claims within the UK marketplace, and engaging with market participants and the relevant authorities and industry bodies to pursue incorrect or false product quality standards.

Darren Frogson, Exol Lubricant’s CEO, said: “We are 100% committed to any initiative that aims to enhance standards within the lubricants marketplace and joining VLS is a strong signal that we want an industry that is professional, accurate and can be relied upon at every juncture.

“It’s reassuring to know that if a product specification or performance is questioned, VLS is there to carry out a full and independent investigation or to pursue quality standards if they have been breached.”

For more information about VLS and the work that it does in the UK lubricants market, visit the website at www.ukla-vls.org.uk