Keeping Wheels Turning Off-Highway

Off-highway machinery and vehicles need the right lubricating oils to help extend their lifespan and keep them working efficiently. Picking the right product for your needs helps to save money while also increasing performance.There is a wide range of oils on the market so choosing the right one may seem difficult. Here at Exol we provide all of the oils your equipment may need. This guide will help explain the types of products available and their applications in the off-highway sector. For instant clarification on which oil is recommended for your vehicle, you can input your vehicles details here (in the white dialogue box).

Engine Oils

The engine is the heart of any vehicle and therefore, the correct lubricant is needed to obtain maximum performance and longevity. The purpose of engine oil is to form a protective film around the engine, cool and help prevent metal to metal contact.

The correct oil for off highway vehicles should be heavy-duty to help with engine performance, after treatment devices and the high demands of your machinery.

Universal Oil

Universal oils are useful to help with a wide range of applications. Sourcing lubricants from a distributor like Exol can offer the stability needed for equipment and help retain your equipment’s efficiency, whether it’s off-highway or any other application. A universal oil can be beneficial for a ‘one size fits all’ resolution. However, you should always check the compatibility of an oil with the equipment in question. You can visit the oil check section of our website here, by inputting your equipment’s details you can check the compatibility of oils.

Gear and Transmission Oil

Like most moving parts on machinery or in vehicles, gearboxes require the use of a lubricant. Gear oil increases efficiency by properly lubricating the moving parts within a machine or vehicle. Extreme high or low temperatures can stress a lesser lubricant damaging component through corrosion and friction.

Hydraulic Oils

Hydraulic oils are used in a wide range of temperatures and environmental conditions. Quality hydraulic oil improves not only the life of equipment but also performance, increasing work rates by maintaining viscosity throughout a working day. There are also various kinds of hydraulic oils based upon differing additive chemistries as well as base oil so Zinc containing, ashless, high VI, detergents, biodegradable plus many more variants.Using the incorrect type of oil on equipment can void its warranty so if in doubt contact our advisors by calling +44(0)121 568 6800 or emailing


Greases in off highway equipment must contend with not only the high loads but also environmental factors. Water, dirt, chemicals all add to make the conditions of use far from ideal. Quality greases have been formulated to withstand washout and protect vital moving parts again corrosion and wear.Mixing greases has long been a concern and it is still vital to ensure this does not happen. Different bases i.e. Lithium, Calcium, Aluminium, Sulphonates, Poly Urea have given a multitude of different greases which could easily do the same job. Some chemistries react such that the grease structure is lost and no longer provides protection. In these cases, catastrophic failures can occur. For the best advice contact our Exol technical team who can guide you to ensure you have the right grease for the right application.Greases are used in a wide range of applications including bulldozers, tractors, cranes, to name but a few.


Pairing the right oil lubricants with your equipment is essential for saving on costs, increasing efficiency and preventing machinery from breaking down. If you require any further advice regarding oil lubricants, Exol are here to help. Contact our friendly advisors either by calling  +44(0)121 568 6800 or emailing today.