Why Oil Quality Over Price is so Important

Oil is essentially the lifeblood of any vehicle or machinery, and so choosing the correct oil for any application is very important. Using the right oil can prolong the lifespan of the machine its applied to, on the other-hand, using the wrong oil can be detrimental. When it comes to choosing oil; quality will always prevail over the price.

The Risks That Come with Using Cheap Oil

With cheap oil, you are likely going to find that machinery will need regular maintenance, this could be a result of the poor-quality oil not lubricating the engine properly. You may also find that cheaper oil will result in a higher fuel consumption in comparison to higher-quality oils. Furthermore, you should avoid using the wrong type of oil on machinery, as this can void its warranty. Always check the specifications or handbook of the machinery prior to using the oil to be sure that you’re using the right one. For assistance in choosing he right oil, you can check out our free oil finding tool, by simply entering your vehicles registration onto our website here.

Benefits of High-Quality Oil

High-quality oils are designed to add extra durability to equipment and moving parts within machinery. When all the parts are lubricated properly, they are less likely to wear. Proper maintenance with the correct oil will help extend the lifespan of the equipment, meaning that over time, money will be saved through paying for less costly repairs and maintenance. High quality oil can benefit the performance of machinery by increasing its efficiency, and a result will further save money by using less fuel.

When off-highway machinery breaks down, there’s a chance that it could be out of action for a while. Some machines are crucial to daily operation, where the loss of one may cost a company a fortune through loss of work, let alone the cost of repairs or hiring cost for a replacement machine. What’s more is that unpredictable events such as the recent Corona Virus pandemic can occur out of the blue, rendering supply lines to a stand-still. Properly maintaining machinery to ensure a longer lifespan for the essential equipment is vital and can save a company a fortune.

Getting the best from your lubricants

The best way to identify good quality oil is by checking the source of where it has come from. Unfortunately, there are many factors which can affect the quality of oil such as the length of time that the oil has been kept in storage and also if the oil has been contaminated with moisture. Check out this link for information on how to properly store your oil.

Whilst there are methods for testing the quality of oil, in depth analysis would involve oil being checked in a lab to examine the oils ‘fingerprint’ and compare it to those of the original formulation.

Ensuring that your oil comes from a credible source is imperative to the function of your machinery. At Exol, we provide a plethora of high-quality oils, suitable for every application in every sector. For more information, or assistance in choosing the right oil for your needs, contact us today by calling +44(0)121 568 6800 or by emailing hello@exol-lubricants.com.