Small pack investment cements Exol’s position as a ‘complete’ lubricants supplier

Exol Lubricants has introduced an additional 8-head Masterfil filling machine at its Wednesbury facility, enhancing the efficiency and production capacity of small pack products.

The Adelphi Masterfil machine is specially designed to offer flexibility of filling volumes, handling both low and high viscosity liquids.

The machine’s adjustable nozzles enable the fill of products with variable speed filling capacity.

This investment is one of the many improvements Exol has been undertaking throughout all areas of the business.

Steve Dunn, Exol Lubricants sales director, said: “As an independently owned oil blender, it’s essential that we react quickly to customer demand. This investment cements Exol’s position as a complete lubricants supplier, providing all oil requirements, from bulk production to small pack quantities. The new machine will greatly benefit our service to customers.”