Exol antifreeze meets Volvo specification

Two of Exol’s new antifreeze products now fully comply with the latest Volvo coolant specifications for heavy-duty diesel engines found in HGVs, buses, coaches, plant and marine applications.

Exol Antifreeze LL and Exol Antifreeze LL 50/50 pre-mix both meet the requirements of Volvo Coolant Specification (VCS) standard 418-0001, and form part of the new antifreeze range, covering heavy duty and passenger vehicle applications.

The new Exol range also features Antifreeze HD (Green), Antifreeze HDX (Blue), Antifreeze SOAT (Lilac) and Antifreeze OAT Universal (Clear). The range has been formulated based on special OAT inhibitor technology, produced in response to the evolving technological development of coolingsystems in modern vehicles, while ensuring long coolant operationallife.

The coolants also contain the additives required to protect a full range of differentvehicle types, offering year-round protection, while performing well in challenging conditions. The latest Volvo applications ensure customers can meet further demand with a wider choice of antifreeze products throughout the rest of the winter season.

As a trusted supplier, Exol ensures it offers its customers a wide range of antifreeze products to cover all requirements, and provides both an electronic cataloguing system and antifreeze application chart to ensure that end users get the right product for the right application.”