Exol’s delivery procedure during Covid-19

Exol continues to supply products to customers around the globe. Everyone at Exol Lubricants would like to thank all public sector, NHS and emergency workers for their amazing efforts and we are working hard to support logistics providers, local councils, blue light services and key workers.

1.   Driver delivery: BEFORE

  • Avoid all contact with anyone at the Exol delivery site. We aim to maintain 2m social distance where possible.
  • Limit touching of the customer’s property and equipment. We may request the customer operates their own valves, pallet trucks, etc.
  • Sign any pre-delivery checklists on behalf of our customers after ensuring all relevant checks have been completed.

NOTE: Our drivers will no longer be entering our customer’s offices or buildings unless this is absolutely necessary.
2.   Driver delivery: DURING

During delivery of your product, our drivers will:

  • Maintain Exol’s delivery Standards.
  • Be polite and courteous but may request that you or your staff do not approach their vehicle in order to maintain the 2m social distancing measures recommended.
  • Only use their own equipment.
  • Not touch our customer’s equipment unless this is necessary to complete your delivery safely or to gain access.
  • Keep interaction with our customer’s staff to a minimum.
  • Not accept drinks from our customers or use any of our customers’ facilities except those required for hygiene and welfare.

In order to maintain hygiene and safety standards, you can expect our drivers to always:

  • Wear gloves to minimise contact.
  • Observe good hygiene standards including hand washing and hand sanitising practices.
  • Maintain a 2m social distance, where possible at all times, in line with government recommendations.
  • Avoid touching their face or mouth.
  • Immediately report any symptoms or developing health issues.

3.   Driver delivery: AFTER

Once your product has been delivered our drivers will:

  • Complete any post-delivery paperwork including the delivery note and sign this on behalf of the customer.
  • Retain any waste for disposal back at our depot, where possible, to reduce the need to touch our customer’s bins.
  • Leave the area clean and safe.