Power Generation Division Expands

Exol has expanded its power generation division, set-up to supply, support and offer training to the growing requirements of the green energy sector.

Targeting sectors including STOR stand by generation, gas engines, gas compression, alternative fuels and wind power, the company has set up a bespoke, sector specific range of lubricants.

Thanks to extensive investment and new technologies, it will ensure Exol is at the forefront of lubricants supply to this sector for years to come.

The power generation division team has more than 100 years lubricants experience in sales, development and engineering, all of which has been acquired from diverse industries.

 Working within the UK, Europe, Middle East and Asia, Exol has developed supply links from the smaller operators with small generators to the large power generation and CHP sites with up to 10MW electrical outputs.

Landfill sites are commonplace within the UK and Europe and a source of methane which, unless controlled, would contribute significantly to global warming if released into the atmosphere. Gas engines situated on mature and existing sites can utilise the available methane to generate power to the national grid with a UK output of over 900 MW (3,04 TWh).