Rail engine protection gets Extreme

The new oil has been specifically formulated for trains and off-highway applications where excessive soot generation from the engine can be a problem. Taurus Extreme HST 15W-40 provides greatly enhanced soot handling properties and increased protection to critical components such as main bearings, turbochargers and valve trains. It also offers improved flow through oil filters, preventing by-pass and associated problems from occurring.

Approved by German engine manufacturer MTU, Taurus Extreme HST 15W-40 provides greater protection to engine components as a result of its improved anti-wear properties and its enhanced low temperature pumpability means much quicker oil circulation in cold conditions. These benefits lead to reduced downtime due to unscheduled maintenance.

Taurus Extreme HST 15W-40 is available in bulk road tanker deliveries, 205L barrels and 25L drums.

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