Why Consider Exol when Tendering for New Oil Suppliers

There are many potential oil suppliers within the UK and the idea of choosing any single supplier can be challenging. There is more to the selection of a supplier for Marine oil than cost as service, reliability, product range, delivery and technical support are vital components to any contractual supply.

Choosing the right supplier is more than simply choosing a well-known brand. Whilst a multi-national company may have an excellent portfolio of products, lead times can be protracted, and orders are often processed on the continent and as such the current post Brexit environment can be frustrating.

Exol Lubricants has an excellent track record for the supply of product to not only large multi-national businesses but also through our network of partners, distributors and direct sales to the individual end-user. Via online tools or by talking with dedicated technical staff we can ensure the correct lubricant is chosen for any application thereby eliminating misapplication of the product, ensuring customers maximise production and minimise downtimes. Many sectors can be affected by protracted downtimes, increased operating costs especially in logistics and Cargo freight. A vessel waiting for marine oil can incur enormous charges and penalties at ports.


Not all oil companies are created equally, a simple adage that applies to many industries and products. When doing your research look for companies who can offer the best all-round in the supply of product/s. Always look further than the initial price per litre and challenge your contact on services, deliveries, approvals and what similar industries and/or customers they currently supply. It is always better to find out before a contract is signed that they have the proven ability to meet your individual requirements.

Exol Lubricants has always delivered cost effective, quality products to customers in many sectors from Industrial to Marine. Exol Lubricants prides itself on its after-sales support both in technical services and product sales with testing, monitoring and advice all being available via our direct phone lines or email.

What Are Your Requirements?

No two companies are the same and no one contract fits all. Ensure the contract meets your requirements fully with details of precisely what is included, what products, recommendations, delivery schedules, IT, data sheets etc.

Exol Lubricants has many contracts for the supply of lubricating oils and our sales managers have the experience required to go into detail to ensure all your requirements are met in full. Exol Lubricants has dedicated staff to produce MSDS in multiple languages, website setups and our dedicated fleet of vehicles can deliver up to 32,000 litre bulk loads anywhere within the mainland UK.

Reputation and Customer Service

This is one area that is often overlooked.Whilst the company may have the right portfolio, pricing and delivery are they able to support your products in use and advise on their safe disposal.

Exol Lubricants has gained its reputation by working with both large and small companies delivering quality products on time, every time. Our highly motivated staff are all located within the UK and easily contacted allowing our customers to speak with real people.

Exol Lubricants cradle to grave policy means we can advise on lubricant use, in use monitoring and advise on the safe disposal of spent products.

Delivery options

This can be vital in maintaining your company with the product.There will be minimum order levels, order turnaround times and excess payments on short loads and overnight deliveries which may be hidden away in the small print.

Exol Lubricants offers many packaging options from 100 ml to 32,000 litre bulk road tanker. Our minimum order levels are clearly stated in all contracts together with additional charges for overnight or special delivery requirements such as oil bunker barges to vessels for larger volumes of Marine oil. Whilst minimum orders exist for all customers these are clearly laid out in all contracts for oil supply.

If you have a Tender you would like us to consider please email it to hello@exol-lubricants.com, or call us on 0121 568 6800 to discuss further.