Exol Lubricants claims three additional quality standards for Optima engine oil

The upgrade of the performance additive in Exol Lubricants’ Optima LSBM 0W-30 engine oil has enabled the company to claim three further quality standards, broadening the scope of the low SAPS engine oil.

The M514 engine oil, which delivers fuel saving technology and high standards of engine cleanliness, can now claim ACEA C2, API SP and MB 229.61 specifications.

Following a recent upgrade in the performance additive used to produce M514, Exol can now claim these additional standards as well as the original BMW specification and has therefore widened the scope of the product to serve more vehicles, including from Mercedes-Benz.

The stringent quality standards required in the new certifications claimed by Exol underline the lubricant specialist’s credentials for delivering improved fuel efficiency with the Optima oils range.

Optima LSBM 0W-30 is a fully synthetic low ash automotive engine oil which provides fuel economy benefits without compromising engine protection. It is based on high thermal stability base oil and uses a complex combination of high-performance additives, which provide excellent engine cleanliness, anti-wear protection and outstanding oxidation resistance.

Optima LSBM 0W-30 combines a relatively high total base number for long drain performance with low ash particulate-friendly properties.