Exol’s Optima range grows further with new versatile grade

Exol Lubricants has added the Optima C5 LSOV 0W-20 oil to its expanding passenger car product range.

This is a next generation, fully synthetic, low SAPS, fuel economy engine oil designed for use in a range of modern petrol and diesel engine applications. It provides Low Speed Pre-Ignition (LSPI) protection and delivers significant levels of fuel economy in the latest OEM tests.

A key specification claim for the Optima C5 LSOV 0W-20 oil is Opel/Vauxhall OV0401547, which is required by a number of newer models.

The oil also meets the BMW Longlife-17 FE+ specification and is intended for for use in the latest BMW petrol engines and light-duty diesel engines with petrol or diesel particulate filters and offers significant fuel saving benefits.

As an ideal choice for hot running engines, the oil is effective in the prevention of deposits, thereby keeps turbochargers in optimum condition and its carefully controlled SAPS levels protect after-treatment systems, including petrol particulate filters.

Optima C5 LSOV 0W-20 is recommended for many modern Vauxhall/Opel models as well as a number of newer BMW and Mercedes-Benz passenger cars plus select Jaguar Land Rover vehicles. It is also an ideal choice for service fill applications in many models produced by Asian manufacturers including Hyundai, Kia and Toyota.